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Hey there! My name's Jess! But feel free to call me Eliza if you want. I'm currently writing a book series called Project FALL. I plan to release the first book this summer.

Otherwise, check out my art! And other random things I'll post/reblog!
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Here’s a couple of my favorite quotes from the Anime Expo talk sessions and Q and A panels featuring Ami Koshimizu (Ryuko’s VA) and Ryoka Yuzuki (Satsuki’s VA)

“Who’s your favorite character that’s not your own?”
Ami: “Onee-san…Onee-san…hey onee-san…”
Ryoka: “Ryu—-Ryu—-Nonon!”
Ami: “Eeeeeh??”
Ryoka: “And what about you?”
Ami: “My favorite character is Satsuki.”
Ryoka: “But what about Senketsu??”

"Can you recite your favorite line from the show?"
Ryoka: “RYUKO MATOI!!!!”

"What’s your favorite episode?"
Ami: “Episode 4, the no tardy to school day”
Ryoka: “Oh. That was my least favorite. I didn’t get to be in it and everyone else looked like they were having a lot of fun. My favorite was episode 20, when I got to show up wearing Senketsu. It was like I stole someone else’s boyfriend.”

"Can you recite Satsuki’s opening lines?"
*She stands up and starts pointing wildly at the audience*
*instantly switches back to her normal voice*
Ryoka: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to insult you. That was all Satsuki!”

"Are there traits of your character that you can see in yourself?"
Ryoka: “Hmmm…”
Ami: “You look like Satsuki.”
Ryoka: “Yes, I do have rather thick eyebrows. ”
Kazuki Nakashima: “I think the entire cast is quite similar to their characters.”
Ami: “What?? I’m not gangster!!”
Kazuki: “You’re the most gangster of us all!”

"What was one difficult part of voice acting?"
Ryoka: “There were times when I was really doubting myself and my ability to portray Satsuki. During those times, it was always the actors who play the Elite Four who really encouraged me and insisted that I was their Satsuki Sama.”
Ami: “Particularly Nonon?”
Ryoka: “Yes, especially Nonon. Nonon actually gave me a tool to help me sculpt my eyebrows.”

And a couple quotes from the artist Sushio. Because Sushio.

"So, what did you think of the English dub?"
Sushio: “I thought the animation was really great!”

"How did you come up with the outfit designs?"
Sushio: “I just sat there and meditated and then came up with it.”
*Ami stands up, gesturing to the rather revealing Sensetsu that she’s wearing*
Ami: “You thought of this when you were meditating??”
Sushio: “Yup.”

Unfortunately, merely writing out what they said in no way captures their facial expressions and interactions. Those were golden. Ami in particular was super adorably expressive ^^

Also, Eir Aoi KILLED it in her concert!!




( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Lizzy by ElizaLento

Another Elizabeth picture. Done almost entirely with a new brush (it’s like a triangle). Pretty fun.

Kinda choppy too. But OK for an experiment./doodle.

Forbidden Shores of Salvation and Hope by ElizaLento

Mouthful of a title:/ But whatever.

More Project FALL landscapes. This time closer to my usual painting colour palette. And also part 2 of the series!

Matthias, Arynn, Elizabeth and Catherine. In that order.

Was enjoyable to do.

I also watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 today—pretty amazing.

Walking Under the Branches by ElizaLento

Akiore, Angelie, Jillian and the Southern Guards.

Me just messing around/doodling to test out some new brushes.

Elizabeth Lento 2014 by ElizaLento

Some Elizabeth from Project FALL.

Eragon 2014 by ElizaLento

Breaking promises and vows—because no matter how frustrating my IC art is, Eragon is still hella fun to draw. Don’t think of this as my armor around the subject breaking. I simply made an allowance.

More “Tom” design if anything, but still.

Secondary birthday art I guess. Both Elizabeth and Eragon have been with me in the art world for a very long time and through most of my art stages~ So they can both celebrate today, I guess.


It was really weird to draw him after all this time.

Oh yeah. Obligatory Eragon > Murtagh.

Suck it, fangirls.

Link and Zelda for Hyrule Warriors

(via shadownip)

Enter: Player 2 by ElizaLento

This was drawn by an artist friend, Miracle, over on a forum that I post on. He’s a fantastic artist and I asked if I could line and colour this.

We had to draw each others characters in a forum battle—I lost XD But he drew both Serafina and Syris! Since he’s always been interested in my Queens of Power series—especially SerafinaXD And they looked pretty fantastic. Syris’ face is hella smug and cray cray and lewd. So I just couldn’t resist colouring it. It’s kinda perfect.

Check out my gallery for more Queens of Power art!

It took so long to do;_;



I’m so hype right now.