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Hey there! My name's Jess! But feel free to call me Eliza if you want. I'm currently writing a book series called Project FALL. I plan to release the first book this summer.

Otherwise, check out my art! And other random things I'll post/reblog!
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Arya 2014 by ElizaLento

Oh shit. New Arya art time.

I slipped again. This time for best girl from Inheritance.

I don’t know. It was after midnight. Stranger things have happened.

I haven’t drawn Arya in so long;_;

Post-IC like always. I think Arya would be a cool Rider. Especially as a master to other riders in training.

Finally got my Satsuki mouse pad! Late by a week because my mother hid her. And I just found her.

Which was kinda awkward.

She’s super comfy.


my latest illustration! an ode to my troubled love/hate relationship with clutter.

(via batlesbo)

Some art WIP.


Frickin cute!